Local stories and history

Religions and folk art troupes work together to protect the local community

Religious beliefs support civic culture

In ancient times, Neimen was named Rouhan Gate. Evidence shows that our ancestors started to settle here back in the Ching dynasty. When plains aborigines lived here in the early days, they called this place Rouhan. Then, during Ching dynasty, this place was a gate to Taiwan Prefecture in the east, so this place was later called Rouhan Gate.

Neimen has the highest density of folk art troupes in Taiwan and prosperous folk art troupes. The poor land conditions made farming really difficult in the old days, so our ancestors had to overcome a variety of difficulties in order to survive. Under such circumstances, they developed different folk art troupes with different features, and practiced martial arts to strengthen their bodies.

With the emergence of folk art troupes and the development of martial arts here, Neimen has played a very important role in Taiwanese folk culture.