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The annual Holy pilgrimage of the Avalokiteśvara of Neimen Nanhai Zihjhu Temple has been designated as an important custom by the Ministry of Culture in Taiwan. The pilgrimage will pass through the unique terrain of Neimen; the tour includes various temples and religious sites, and fields. To promote the custom and leave an indelible memory, the organizer has organized a photography contest for contestants to capture the best moments when all the followers are praying, or when the pilgrimage passes the unique terrain of Neimen.

Awards and gifts with the total worth of 25,000 NTD await you here.

(1) Champion (1): 10,000 NTD cash prize and 1 certificate of merit
(2) First runner-up (1): 8,000 NTD cash prize and 1 certificate of merit
(3) Second runner-up (1): 5,000 NTD cash prize and 1 certificate of merit
(4) Outstanding Awards (20): 1,000NTD cash prize and 1 certificate of merit
(5)Special Awards (40): Any contestant who has registered to complete the entire holy pilgrimage during the four days and who has successfully checked in the three designated locations will be qualified to take part in the sweepstakes and have the opportunity to win a T-shirt (ten T-shirts will be sent out daily) and bodisu key chain (ten key chains will be given daily).

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