Other Activities


Enjoy the natural scenery in Neimen

As you enjoy the amazing performances of Song Jiang Battle Array, seize the opportunity to join us for a short tour in Neimen; it combines a guided tour with camping activity, so you can get to know the local culture better and see beautiful and unique attractions in Neimen, including 308 Plateau, the foggy Yanman. At the same time, you will also have the opportunity to learn about the diverse religious beliefs in Neimen.

308 Plateau

Neimen Nanhai Zihjhu Temple→Jhu Yiguei Cultural Park→Niouchoulun, Sankandian→Old House of the Hong Family→Hengshan Ancestor Song Jiang Cultural Hall→ 308 Plateau Moon World→Mujha Church, Coffee break at Happy Farm→Suyuanbu and Neihu→Learn about the local agricultural produce

Yanman and Erren Stream

Neimen Nanhai Zihjhu Temple→Zihyun Temple→Yanman→Shannan Temple→Return to Erren Stream→ Jiameilin's Shennong Temple.→Neimen Zihjhu Temple→Ci Sing Towers→Learn about the local agricultural produce

Nanhai Zihjhu Temple (Walking tour)

Learn about the deities worshipped in Zihjhu Temple, the lottery poetry inside the temple, the architecture, the weapons collected by the temple and the local agriculture.