Religious beliefs

Multiple Religious Beliefs in a Diverse Community

For over a hundred years, battle arrays and folk art troupes in Neimen centered in temples of various religious beliefs because originally these battle arrays and folk art troupes were performed for the deities at the festivals. Hence, these temples play an important role in the daily lives of the local people. In the early days, for people who lived in remote areas under difficult circumstances, religion helped to support them spiritually and encouraged them to fight for survival. Back in the days when there was a wide variety of restraints for people to gather for assembly or protection, people turned to temples and gathered together to perform for the deities whom these temples worship with the Song Jiang battle array and folk art troupes.

So don’t miss the opportunity to visit temples when you visit Neimen. Even today, the dates scheduled for the annual Kaohsiung Song Jiang battle array activities are scheduled in accordance with the birthdays of various deities. For over a decade, the Song Jiang battle array activities in Neimen have been co-organized by three famous temples in Neimen: NeimenZihjhu Temple, NanhaiZihjhu Temple and Neimen Shun Sian Temple. Each temple has its own special features. NeimenZihjhu Temple is a 300-year-old temple attended mostly by people who migrated from Fujian Province; NanhaiZihjhu Temple is a hundred-year-old temple and many of the followers here are Taiwanese plains aborigines; Shun Sian Temple is a comparatively new temple with modern architecture and management.

In addition to the three temples, you can also visit the home of the famous king of ducks, Singan Temple that worships JhuYiguei, the Buddhist Temple of Universal Brightness, the largest Taoist Ji Gong Temple in Taiwan, the third oldest Presbyterian Church in Taiwan and Kumas of Taiwanese plains aborigines. Here in Neimen, religious beliefs and diverse ethnic groups coexist harmoniously.

NeimenNanhaiZihjhu Temple

NeimenNanhaiZihjhu Temple

Pingpu Culture with Battle Arrays for Solidarity

In 1967, with the permission granted by Avalokiteśvara, a temple was built in Neipu. In 1976, NanhaiZihjhu Temple was completed and the first festival was celebrated on the day when the Temple was officially opened. For half a century, the Temple has attracted many believers and visitors, so more infrastructures, including the decorated archway, the visitors building and the park have been added. The Temple is not just an important center of religious belief, but also a great place to enjoy one's leisure time with its beautiful scenery.

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Neimen Shun Sian Temple

Neimen Shun Sian Temple

Promote Religious and Cultural Tourism
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NeimenZihjhu Temple

NeimenZihjhu Temple

Protector ofNeimen for 300 Years
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