Sightseeing in Neimen

Neimen Nanhai Zihjhu Temple

NeimenZihjhu Temple is located near the borders of Neifong and Neimen Villages. It is the center of religious belief for the local community. The beautiful scenery around the Temple makes it a great choice for leisure activities, such as strolling and bicycling.

NeimenZihjhu Temple

NeimenZihjhu Temple is a temple with 300 years of history. It is an important center of religious belief in Neimen. The legend of the flying incense burner is a famous story of NeimenZihjhu Temple. Every year, on the birthday of Avalokiteśvara and important dates related to the deity, the temple organizes festivals to celebrate these dates. These events attract numerous visitors to the Temple. At the same time, the Temple also has many folk art troupes and battle array teams who regularly perform at these events.

Neimen Shun Sian Temple

Neimen Shun Sian Temple is a temple built in 2008; it worships the deity Mazu. With beautiful scenery and modern management, the Temple has become a new attraction of Neimen in recent years.

SinganTemple/JhuYiguei Cultural Park

JhuYiguei, is often referred to as the King of Duck, migrated to Yamuliao (Duck Liao) in Neimen during the Ching dynasty. He led 52 people to start a war against the court of Ching and to defend the rulers of the Ming dynasty. Today, inside the cultural park, we can see the old well JhuYiguei and his troops used for drinking water and the sculpture of JhuYiguei as he was herding the ducks.

308 plateau

308 Plateau is a plateau located in Neimen, Kaohsiung and Zuojhen and Longci in Tainan. The altitude of the plateau is 308 meters, so it is named 308 Plateau. On the plateau, one can see the coast of Tainan. Don't forget to taste the local chicken dish.

Ci Sing Towers

Ci Sing Towers (the Big Dipper Towers)are located in the northern part of Guanting Village. In the early days, one would find seven earth mounds on the plain that are shaped like the big dipper. Legend has it that the seven earth mounds were created by seven falling stars. Today, the seven earth mounds have disappeared, but there are seven towers in the original locations.

Hengshan Song Jiang Cultural Hall

To bring the community together, the people in Sanping community decided to build the Song Jiang Cultural Hall. Everyone contributed and made an effort to build the Song Jiang Cultural Hall for Pingpu culture near the road towards 308 Plateau.

Pingpukuma and temple

Kumas used to be the centers for meetings and transportation for the plains aborigines. With the changing times, today, Kuma is mostly used to worship the ancestors, but one can still see these sites in Sanping community. As you visit all the kumas in the community, you can also learn about the history of the plains aborigines.

Mujha Suspension Bridge

After you pass Mujha Church and continue onto Provincial Highway No. 3, you will enterMujha recreational farming district, a great place for a long stroll. Walk on the suspension bridge to enjoy the great view of the valley and have a wonderful time chatting with family and friends.