Theme Competitions

Senior High Schools, Colleges and Universities in Taiwan Creative Song Jiang Battle Array Competition

3/4(Sat.)-3/5(Sun.) Preliminary round
3/11(Sat.) Final round and award ceremony

2017 Kaohsiung Song Jiang Battle Ritual Activities

3/4(Sat.) Opening Ceremony
3/6(Mon.)-3/10(Fri.) Experience Events of Song Jiang Battle Ritual
3/4(Sat.)- 3/14(Tue.) Local Products
3/4(Sat.)- 3/14(Tue.) Local Cuisine
3/11(Sat.)- 3/14(Tue.) Test Your Stamina
3/4(Sat.), 3/5(Sun.), 3/11(Sat.), 3/12(Sun.) Free Guided Tour
3/11(Sat.)- 3/12(Sun.) In-depth Tours